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Why Receipts are Essential for ATO Compliance in Australia

To comply with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulations, it is crucial for all working Australians and Australian business owners to maintain copies of their receipts. In this article, we go over why it’s crucial to preserve your receipts and what happens if you don’t.

Maintaining copies of receipts is essential for tax credit claims, expense claims and expense audits, among other purposes. You can lower the chance of errors and prevent or avoid paying too much in taxes by maintaining accurate records. You can budget and make future plans more easily because it also helps you stay organised and keep track of your spending.

Why is getting copies of ATO receipts important?

Businesses must maintain accurate records of their income and expenses, per the ATO. This entails preserving copies of all receipts and invoices related to business, expense claims and all tax deductible transactions. You can keep track of your spending and apply for any eligible tax credits by keeping copies of your receipts. To abide by tax laws and avoid penalties, this is necessary.

What occurs if you don’t save duplicates of your receipts?

The ATO may impose a fine if copies of receipts are not kept on file. The ATO has the right to refuse or withhold your taxes and to impose additional fees, interest, and penalties. If you have a sizable tax liability, this could have a massive adverse effect on your company’s finances. A tax audit that is drawn out and stressful can result from inadequate documentation and lead to additional financial penalties. As part of the audit process, the ATO might ask to see receipts and invoices. It may be challenging to obtain tax credits or refunds without the proper paperwork, which may result in penalties and additional interest.

What are the expenses for a tax audit if there are no receipts?

Missing receipts during a tax audit can be expensive. Your tax bill might go up if the ATO declines to deduct your deductions. Small businesses with few resources may suffer the most from this. A tax audit can also be time-consuming, stressful, and divert your attention from your primary business.

What is Crunchr doing to protect you from this risk?

An expense management tool called Crunchr can help businesses save time and lower the risk of having the incorrect, insufficient or unsubstantiated documentation. The app enables users to store receipts in the cloud and on their mobile device whilst having them automatically backed up to the cloud. Users can categorise their expenses and keep track of them in real time. Data entry into your accounting software is made simple by the program’s integration with programs like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB. .

Companies can make sure that their expense reports are properly documented by using Crunchr. As a result, it is simpler to defend or substantiate tax deductions in the event of an audit. The app lowers the possibility of ATO penalties by assisting users in managing their expenses and avoiding errors. .


To summarise, it’s crucial to preserve copies of your receipts in order to adhere to ATO regulations. A lengthy tax audit, fines, and additional taxes may follow failure to do so.

By offering a straightforward and user-friendly expense management solution, Crunchr assists businesses in avoiding these risks. By using Crunchr, businesses can save time, cut down on errors, and guarantee that their expense reports are accurate.

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