What some
call simple,
we call better.

Crunchr only does one thing:
Makes managing receipts easy, at normal people prices.
What a difference an app can make! – Kylie Mac
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Because simple is fine with us.

Receipts are our jam. Every detail.
Every day. It’s literally all we think about.

Here’s the truth: receipts don’t have to be a hassle.

Other apps

Give up your bank info, contacts, and location.
Switch to the accounting software they want you to use.
Hit your monthly receipt limit and return to manual admin.
Won’t work without internet.
Wait for processing, then look out for mistakes when you reconcile your spreadsheet.
Too clunky and overcomplicated, with steep learning curves


Keep your personal info exactly that – personal. No bank details needed and no credit card required.
Use whatever software you like, or none at all.
Light speed processing, even without internet.
Reconcile on the run, check the deets in real time.
No more faded receipts. Crunchr enhances your images automatically.
As easy as taking a photo. No training required.

Don’t pay more than you need to. 

Crunchr price
or $76.90/yr. Get one month free.
*All prices include GST

Fixed fees.

No hidden charges. No surprises. What you see is what you get.


Access to all features.

Don’t pay extra for premium features. Get access to everything, always.


Tax deductible.

Make your money back in the blink of an eye, by claiming Crunchr at tax time – just ask your accountant.

Get your
Free 7 day trial

then only $6.99/month

No credit card needed.

A free trial that’s actually free. We don’t accept your money until you’ve experienced the life-changing power of Crunchr for yourself.

Try it out risk-free. We think you’ll like it here.

This is going to make my life
so much easier! Love it! – Tina