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The Cutting-Edge App That Takes the Pain Out of Tax Season

Crunchr: The Cutting-Edge App That Takes the Pain Out of Tax Season for Individuals & Small Business

Crunchr – the state-of-the-art receipt management app introduces a groundbreaking approach to organising receipts and offering individuals and small businesses a valuable time-saving solution during tax season. By simply taking a photo of a receipt,or uploading an e receipt from a file, email or text message the app automatically reads, sorts, categorises, and stores the information, making it easily accessible whenever needed. Gone are the days of sifting through stacks of paper receipts or dealing with the hassle of manual data entry.

One of the most significant advantages of Crunchr is its ability to predict categories matched by merchant names and typical user trends using smart AI technology. This feature empowers small business owners to quickly categorise their potential deductions that can benefit their business. By grouping receipts into categories such as office supplies, travel expenses, or marketing costs, entrepreneurs can streamline their expense tracking and maximise their tax deductions.

Furthermore, Crunchr surpasses basic receipt management by enabling users to effortlessly share their receipt images. These receipt images are conveniently embedded in an Excel or PDF spreadsheet, which also allows for the inclusion of additional notes or tracked data. Users can easily collaborate by directly sharing these comprehensive spreadsheets with their tax agent or their number-savvy best friend. This convenient functionality allows for seamless collaboration and ensures that all necessary information reaches the right hands in just one click.

Proper receipt management and record keeping is not only essential for tax purposes but also for compliance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In most cases, business owners are required to retain receipts for at least five years, and some documents may need to be kept even longer. Crunchr provides a worry-free solution for keeping track of paper and e-receipts, preventing the loss or misplacement of important documents. By securely storing them in a digital format, Crunchr ensures that faded receipts and the associated money are never lost. This convenient storage system allows for effortless search and retrieval whenever needed.

“Crunchr revolutionises the way individuals and small businesses handle various financial tasks, extending beyond tax time. It provides a game-changing solution for efficiently managing staff credit cards, month-end processes, and reimbursements.” said Brolin Castellino, founder and CEO at Crunchr. Crunchr’s intuitive interface and advanced receipt management capabilities will help business owners streamline their financial processes, save time, and ensure they maximise their tax deductions whilst keeping an eye on their expenses. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs and freelancers by simplifying their administrative tasks, so they can focus on what matters most—growing their business.”

“Efficient receipt management fuels effective cash flow management. With Crunchr’s real-time expense tracking and streamlined record-keeping, business owners gain valuable insights into their financial health, empowering them to make better informed decisions and optimise their cash flow.”

Crunchr is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

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