Smooth skies ahead: Crunchr takes off to make tax time easy and less stressful for airline crew.

  • August 7, 2023

brolin - Smooth skies ahead: Crunchr takes off to make tax time easy and less stressful for airline crew. - CrunchrFor airline crew, who often lead busy and demanding lives both in the air and on the ground, the pressure of managing taxes can be unwelcome and overwhelming. Thankfully, smooth skies lie ahead as Brolin Castellino, an accomplished A380 First Officer, has made tax time simple with his ground-breaking receipts-tracking app, Crunchr. Having worked on the 747, 737 and now A380, Brolin has forged friendships with a wide range of crew. We spoke to Brolin who said “One of the biggest conversation topics amongst cabin crew and pilots has always been about the challenges faced during tax season.

Most found organising and filing taxes time-consuming and frustrating, especially with minimum time off between trips”. Questioning why, with today’s smartphone technology, there wasn’t an app for this, Brolin decided to invent one himself. Crunchr now comes to the rescue by offering crew members a userfriendly mobile app to effortlessly track their expenses on the go. From FAAA fees, meals and accommodation to uniform and training costs, every deductible expense can be easily logged, ensuring accurate reporting and maximising potential refunds.

Designed by crew and for crew, Brolin states “In our big wide world of taxes, every dollar counts and Crunchr has been designed to travel with you, recognising receipts in all foreign currencies for all the ports we travel to. Crunchr has the potential to become a trusted companion for all cabin crew members.”

By simplifying record-keeping, stream-lining the filing process, and helping to maximise refunds, airline crew can now sit back and enjoy spending less time in preparing their tax returns and more time doing what they love.

Brolin’s goal is for Crunchr to become a common name and necessary tool not just for airline crew, but for anyone who wants to keep track of their expenses and make tax season a breeze.

Crunchr recently took home the top title awarded ‘Best Mobile App’ for its design, functionality and user experience in helping digitise everyday processes related to managing receipts and expenses at last month’s Australian Web Awards in Sydney.

The Web Awards are held each year as a national event and celebrate the best of Australian digital work in what is a highly competitive space, so congrats Brolin on this achievement!

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