How receipt apps can save a business time and money

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Paper receipts are a pain. They’re easy to lose, hard to read – especially when faded, and even harder to organise. For businesses, they can also be a huge time and money expense to manage. Receipt apps can help businesses keep track of their spending and better manage their finances. Many business owners struggle to […]

Automation and AI-powered Financial Tools

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Revolutionising Money Management Our financial world is changing fast, all thanks to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). These tech advancements are making financial tasks quicker, smoother, and more accurate than ever. One big plus of using automation and AI in finance is their knack for chewing through big data quickly. In the old days, analysing […]

Facing Money Problems

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The Important Role of Expense Tracking During Cost of Living Crises In the ever-changing money world, with prices going up, we find ourselves amidst a cost-of-living crisis.Now, more than ever, using an income and expense tracker to see how much you spend each month could never be more important. How it Affects People with Home […]

Australians’ Struggle with Expense Awareness

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Budget and Expense Tracker Tools – Tackling the Financial Fog: According to MoneyMag, a significant challenge plagues the financial landscapes of many Australians, with a staggering 86% admitting to not knowing their monthly expenditure. In addition, 82% are in the dark about their mortgage rates. The outcomes of this absence of knowledge extend across the […]

Navigating ATO’s Receipt Requirements

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Struggles, Solutions, and the Simplicity of Crunchr Finding an ATO app for receipts: Following the rules from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to keep receipts is crucial for compliance. It is essential to save receipts for audits and showing proof of purchase for tax or work related transactions. Managing receipts are common challenges for most […]

Best Personal Expense Tracker App For Daily Spending tracking

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The Ultimate Experience for Daily Spending tracking The best personal expense tracker app. In the fast-paced world of handling your money, having a trusty and handy expense tracker is key to juggling your budget and hitting those money saving goals or budgeting goals. Say hello to Crunchr – the one-of-a-kind receipt management app that’s like […]

Sustainable Accounting with Digital Receipts

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Expense tracker app Australia, Crunchr pioneers sustainable accounting through its innovative app. As reported by, refraining from printing receipts for a year across Australian retailers could result in saving around 1.5 million trees, 249 billion litres of water, and 4.5 billion litres of oil. Efficient and user-friendly, Crunchr’s app leads the shift from physical […]

Simplifying Finances with Crunchr

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Your Go-To App for Stress-Free Receipt Management In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Managing expenses especially when it comes to stacks of traditional paper receipts can be quite a challenge. They tend to get wrinkled, fade, or mysteriously vanish just when you require them urgently. Introducing Crunchr, not merely as the premier receipt-keeping application but […]

How Crunchr Enhances Officeworks Receipt Management

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In the ever-evolving landscape of office essentials, Officeworks holds its ground as the prime choice for fulfilling your workplace requirements. Managing your Officeworks receipts may present a challenge, but worry not, for Crunchr emerges as the perfect ally to simplify and make your receipt management journey make easier.   Officeworks Receipts Made Easy with Crunchr […]

The Environmental Toll of Paper Receipts

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Keep all your receipts,’ Australians are generally well accustomed to the importance of keeping receipts to substantiate your expenses. Not only are they crucial for product related issues, such as repairs or refunds, but they are furthermore imperative in maximising tax refunds, especially during tax time. At Crunchr, we’re on a mission to ignite a […]