Goodbye Receipts.Hello Money.

Welcome to the world’s simplest receipt app.

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Check Out the Play-by-Play

You Scan

Snap a pic, Crunchr fills in the blanks, you check the deets and breathe an organisational sigh of relief. Step one done.

We Crunch

Let us do the boring math for you (we live for it). Step two done and dusted. Easy as.

You're Done

Feel good about yourself – you did it! Now go hit the gym. Crunch your tax on the go or over coffee, you decide.

Live your best life with Crunchr.

Crunchr isn’t just an app. It’s a lifehack cocktail with a twist of financial freedom. We know from experience what crumpled, old receipts in shoeboxes piled up for a year can do to your time and your pocket money.

After years of doing it tough, lazy and stressful (faded receipts are lost cash, mate) we came to the realisation that tax time didn’t have to be a drag. It can be a win!

With a dash of cash and a splash of data, Crunchr lets you easily capture your digital and paper receipts and crunch them to maximise your high score (aka estimated tax return). What’s more, Crunchr keeps its clever eye on your spending habits with live expense data so you can compare current spending to any month.

Save time, stay organised and earn money, so you can get back to living your best life.

Crunchr in 30 seconds

We crunched the 60 second explainer video into 30 seconds (you’re welcome).  Saving you time is our #1 priority (also we’re cool like that).

Clear out the receipt cobwebs.
Capture, crunch, claim and start saving now.

Crunch your receipts.
Kick Back and Relax.

We know your time is precious. Stick with us and live your #bestlife.

Save Time Save Time

Don’t spend hours sorting through old receipts and tallying them by hand. Scan, crunch and track your taxes anytime, anywhere.

Rest easy Rest Easy

Crunchr’s receipt management and storage is designed for ATO compliance, in general. You can rest assured you’ll feel more organised than you’ve ever felt come tax time.

Total tracker Total Tracker

Easily track your spending habits to get a clear picture of how they change over time. Not sure how much you ‘invested’ in tacos last month? Well, now you’ll know.

Safe and secure Safe and Secure

Simply store your records and receipts in our clever cloud. For all of the IT brains out there, Crunchr cloud features a 3rd party secure storage facility via AWS cloud storage.

Trending upward Trending Upward

Our smart technology allows us to continually improve every time you crunch. With each receipt, we get smarter and our mad organisational skills get better. Think of us as a pint-sized bookkeeper in your pocket..

Spreadsheet em Spread(sheet) ‘Em

When tax time rolls around, easily export your receipts so your partner, bookkeeper or helpful best mate has access to ‘gold star’ worthy spreadsheets for work, play, investments and whatever other fancy you may need to track.

Simple Search Simple Search

Our super quick and simple search and retrieve system allows you to find the receipts you need in seconds, leaving you with more time to burn a hole in your pocket every weekend.

Were compatible We're Compatible

Crunchr is compatible with leading accounting software platforms including XERO, Quickbooks and MYOB. We make friends with everyone.

partners partners


Can you really put a price on receipt app magic? We don’t think so. But if we must...

CRUNCHR only costs around 0.23 cents a day to save yourself hours of work and stress at tax time. Unsure? You can cancel at any time. But to us it’s a no brainer. It doesn’t cost much to live your best life!

One number to rule them all

30 DAY

and then $6.99 per month after that. Tax deductible (just check with your accountant)

Recycle that old shoebox full of receipts

Crunchr lets you easily and quickly track any and all expenses so you can avoid that dreaded ‘insufficient funds’ notification. Don’t end up out of pocket because you didn’t get reimbursed (let us keep tabs on your stacks of cash).

Expense tracking
Returns and Refunds
Coffee Dates
Biz Travel

People Love Crunchr

Tradies, accountants, SMB owners, freelancers...
the list is long. The love is real.

Download Crunchr now and start saving time, money and shoeboxes!

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