User Guide

CRUNCHR is a free app and allows users to access most features without subscribing. However, we do understand that your tax records are important, so we have created a subscription option. The subscription for just less than $0.30 cents per day, ensures that your receipts will be securely backed up in the CRUNCHR cloud, even if you lose all the information on your phone, your data can be backed up.
If you subscribe with CRUNCHR, there’s no need to keep your receipts. CRUNCHR complies with the ATO’s approved method for storage of your receipts for tax purposes.
We recommend that if you store your records electronically you subscribe with CRUNCHR to backup copy and ensure your valuable tax data is easily accessible, especially if an original receipt gets lost or becomes faded or unreadable.
If you subscribe, your receipts and data will still be available through your account which you will be able to access on another device, or computer.
However, if you choose to use CRUNCHR without a subscription, then you are storing your data only on your device. In this case, please ensure you keep all your paper receipts.
Yes, CRUNCHR allows the user to process information later. Simply just take the photo and process later. You can come back and use the mobile app, or CRUNCHR’s online expense manager to complete the details at your convenience.  Better yet, you can allow guest access to an associate, or trusted person of choice, to fill in the details for you.
As a subscriber, your information will be available and your data will be safe.
As a free user, should the app be deleted or your phone los or stolen, you will lose all your information. We recommend for security reasons that you become a subscriber to ensure that your valuable tax information is safely backed up and secure.
Yes! If you have already taken a picture of a receipt, you can access the picture directly from your library/gallery and upload it straight into the CRUNCHR App.
Of course! You can add any documentation that you would like to store with your receipts. CRUNCHR can be used as your all in one tax return solution. Subscribed users can upload and export all tax documents such as group certificates, health insurance, superannuation documentation and payslips—just to name a few. In fact, you can upload and store anything that saves you storing paper in your filing cabinet.
CRUNCHR’s capability allows you to easily access, store and send all your tax documents saving you from having to visit your tax accountant or bookkeeper
Yes, of course! You can add your expense details without a photograph. Simply select “skip” on the camera screen and, enter the details of the receipt. You can even choose to add a picture at later time that I convenient for you.
You can terminate your account at any time and continue to use CRUNCHR for free. However should your phone get lost, broken or stolen you will be unable to retrieve any data and your tax records shall be lost.
Yes, of course! There is a list of currency options to choose from when entering your receipt details.
We are currently working on the technology for CRUNCHR to read your receipts, however the technology/capability to enter a
description and categories is not yet available. For the most accurate results, it is recommended that the data is manually inputted.
Of course. You can use the app in airplane mode and if you are a subscribed user, all of your information will be backed up when
you are next connected to the Internet.  You can even set CRUNCHR to back up in WIFI only saving on your mobile data usage.
Yes, with CRUNCHR you can store and send your receipts in separate folders. This allows users to create separate spreadsheets
for whatever reason they would like, including but not limited to, reimbursements, investment properties, work expenses, etc.
You can email your data organized in a spreadsheet and if you are subscribed with CRUNCHR your spreadsheet will include links to images of your receipts.
Not at the moment, but, stay tuned we are working on launching an Android version very soon.
Our accountant says the “cost of managing tax affairs” is deductible under section 25-5 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
However, we recommend that you confirm this with your accountant. We will provide an electronic receipt that you can store just like your other receipts.
Yes, you can change plans or cancel your subscription at any time.
Yes, but you may need to use a third-party app, such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers or Google sheets to access the spreadsheet to
its full potential. Subscribers can view receipts on any computer or tablet using our online expense manager.
Yes, with CRUNCHR online, you can invite your accountant, or trusted associate, to access your receipt details and even process
your receipts on your behalf.

Guest users will have limited access to your account. Any changes made by guest users are to be approved by you, before they can
be saved to your cloud. The only person that can delete any information on the online expense manager is the account holder.
Yes, our XLS spreadsheets will generally integrate with most commercial accounting software platforms, although some massaging may
be needed to get it into exactly the right format.
Yes, simply scroll through your receipts via the home screen. If you are a subscribed user, you have the advantage of using CRUNCHR’s
advance search engine. This enables you to find any receipt within seconds, for Tax audit, warranty or insurance purposes.
Yes, you can. Once you have subscribed you can also access CRUNCHR’s online expense manager from any computer via the internet.
iCloud is ineffective in backing up your tax data and images. You can choose to subscribe and back up your data using CRUNCHR’s
and secure cloud storage.
You can email and download your .xls spreadsheet, then open using programs such as excel or numbers, then simply download and print.
Yes, Subscribed users have the option to download all receipt images as a Zip file and are encouraged to periodically store all their
tax information locally by exporting a spreadsheet and receipt images to a storage device of choice.
All users are encouraged to keep hard copies of receipts and regularly export Spreadsheets.
Beyond using the latest technology in keeping your data secure, we know that your information is private, and we intend to keep
it that way. We encourage all our users to lock their iPhones using a PIN code or password, and to be extra safe, subscribed users
can also choose to login and logout of CRUNCHR via our settings.
Please update your software in accordance with Apple’s IOS update schedule, and be sure to always export all your images and data
prior updating any software. Even ours! NB Zip File image downloads available to subscribed users only.
Simply go to settings via the home screen, and select >share this app or tell your friends.
Simply screen shot the receipt Image with your I phone or Apple computer

To Screenshot with your I phone
  Simply open the document and view image with your iPhone, screen shot by simultaneously pressing the home and volume buttons
  or if you’re using an IPhone X, by simultaneously pressing the volume and power buttons.

Open the CRUNCHR mobile app and then select, upload from Gallery (bottom right Icon) on the camera screen)

To Screenshot with your apple computer
  Simultaneously hold the Shift, Command and number 4 Key, whilst holding these keys, draw a square around the section of the
  screen to be saved as an image, and simultaneously release the keys.

Simply select Upload Image via the online expense manager.
Simply select a receipt or document and open the image, select the icon on the lower left of the image screen, Select send as
desired or save as an image or PDF.
Select the home screen
swipe the desired receipt cell to the left to view the Trash Icon, Select the trash icon to delete. Confirm your actions as per the pop up.
Select Skip from the camera screen, (top Right) enter the mandatory details (description, Amount and category) and select save,
you can then come back later and add a picture at any time.
Open the receipt you wish to send, select image, select the export icon on the image to email or text the image to anyone you choose.
*Subscribed users only
Photograph, screen shot or upload an image of your desired document, Enter the document name in description, Add an amount of
$0.00 and add a category such as Tax documents or other, select Save and your done.
Select the home screen,
Select settings,
Select manage account,
Edit as required
Save and your done
Select a receipt, select edit, select image attached and then select the back arrow at the lower left of the screen to re take
the photo or bottom right to select another picture you’re your gallery, hit use and then select save.
If you’re using our online expense manager
Select a receipt, select the pen below the image and then upload the new image and save.
*Subscribed users only

Select the home screen, select settings, and select Sync only on WI FI.
Ensure your WI FI is on in order that your data backs up at every available opportunity.
NOTE: any information and data, which is not backed up in WI FI, could be lost.
*Subscribed users only
Yes, all the information stored with CRUNCHR is shared and accessible by either device. You may need to refresh your browser to
view any immediate changes.
*Subscribed users only

Select settings in the online expense manager
Click on manage users,
A list of current associates shall be displayed here.
Select add guest user, enter the email address of the invited user.
Click on Send Invite
CRUNCHR will send your guest an invitation email to create a username and password to allow access to your receipts and
expense data.

NOTE: Invited guests can view, sort, and look at data by category, dates, print receipts, but not delete anything in the system. 
Any changes made by guests shall be notified to you and shall have to be approved prior to being saved to your cloud.
Information can be edited using the CRUNCHR mobile App or online expense manager.

NOTE the exported XLS spreadsheet is a report only.

Any information changed on your XLS spreadsheet will not save to your CRUNCHR database, any changes should only be made via your
online expense manager or mobile app. XLS Spreadsheets can however be modified by your accountant or mail recipient and printed
or saved to a storage device in modified form.
*Subscribed users only

Simply go to the home screen, select settings, select manage account, Select your current plan and follow the prompts to
cancel your subscription.

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of a subscribed user until the end of your selected subscription period.
At the end of your subscribed period your data will remain stored on your device only and you will no longer
have access to features such as Cloud storage, online expense manager and our advanced search function.

We welcome you to come back and subscribe at any time.

Please export ALL data and images prior to terminating your subscription with CRUNCHR.

NB Zip File and image downloads available to subscribed users only.
*Subscribed users only

Simply export all your data via a spreadsheet and download all images prior to switching from I Phone to android.
You will still have access to CRUNCHR via your online expense manager or Apple IPAD; don’t worry our Android version is coming soon.
*Subscribed users only

Simply download the CRUNCHR App
Select “I already have an account”
Enter your login details and your data shall be re installed on your device straight from the cloud
Select the Home Screen, select settings, Manage folders then select an added/custom folder and edit the name.

If you’re using our online expense manager
Select settings and select Manage Folders
Select the edit Icon and change or delete the Folder from the list of added folders.
Select the receipt you would like to move,
Select Edit
Click on the current Folder
Select new destination folder
Hit Save and your done
Select the Home Screen, select settings, Manage folders and select an added/custom folder to delete.

NB Deleting a Folder will delete all the receipts and information stored in that folder.
Add a receipt and select category; provided you have Internet coverage you can then add your own categories from the
box at the top of the list provided.
Select the home screen, select settings, select manage categories; provided you have internet coverage you can then edit the
name of any custom category on the list provided.

If you’re using our online expense manager
Select settings and select Manage Categories
Select the edit Icon and change or delete from the list of added categories.
Select the desired receipt and send via the share link.

Copy the displayed link and send to your guest user via email.
Your accountant can simply login using their user name and password, then simply select the dropdown arrow next to the word Guest
and select your client name to access their online expense manager.
Export a spreadsheet using CRUNCHR. Open the download from your email using a third party program or application such as Numbers,
Google sheets, Polaris or Microsoft Suite.
Subscribed users can also view any receipt images via the XLS spreadsheet,
Yes, .XLS spreadsheets exported with CRUNCHR allow you to do anything an excel spreadsheet can do which includes Print.
We always recommend that you lock your I phone, using Apple’s standard feature to lock your device and protect all you’re your information,
not just ours. You can also choose to log out each time you use CRUNCHR via our settings.
Just select GST ON when entering the data for your receipt and then override the calculated amount with the amount as printed on
your receipt.
Just select the applicable currency when entering the data for your receipt or you can also choose
to set the default currency via the home screen,then settings screen.
The foreign currency shall have its own column on your XLS spreadsheet allowing your accountant to calculate the required AUD amounts
in accordance with standard ATO methods.
Please ensure that you back up all your data prior to updating any software, Even Ours!!!
Export all your tax data via CRUNCHRs easy export function; Subscribed users should also download all images as Zip.
Always ensure all applicable software on your devices and computers is updated to the latest versions in order for all CRUNCHR
features to be operational.

A great first step to resolving a wide variety of issues with any app is to double click the home button and slide the open
Apps up to close them.

Try this first if you are experiencing poor performance, old content, no content, and so on.

With many regular updates coming though on Apple IOS it often requires a phone restart to make all apps function properly.

You can do this by simultaneously holding the power and home buttons until your I phone restarts.

  1. I am having trouble allowing my partner to log in to their CRUNCHR account on the family IPAD
     For security reasons only one account is available per device.
     IE you can only login in with the account you initially set up on your I phone or IPAD.  However,
     one family can use the one simply dedicate Folders to family members.

  2. If I do not allow CRUNCHR to access my camera on first use how do I then go back and activate the camera.

You will need to give CRUNCHR permission to use your camera,
Select settings on your I Phone, select the CRUNCHR App, select Camera switch to on